About Us


To maintain an effective and efficient Constitutional Appointments Authority in Seychelles to  raise the quality and standard of professionalism in respect of posts which the CAA is empowered to make proposals for appointment and exercise independence and fairness in dealing with complaints which may result in removal from office and contribute to the Rule of Law.


The CAA is an independent body established under Articles 139 and 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles. Its principal function is to propose to the President suitable persons to be appointed to various posts stipulated  under the Constitution and Various Acts.

The CAA does this by the true and proper interpretation, application and implementation of the Constitution and the established rules of procedure.


Mr. Michel Felix

Mr. Felix was a banker by profession. He was employed for 36 years by Barclays Bank Seychelles. He held several positions at management level including Business Centre Manager and Corporate Director. He served as Chairman and non-Executive Director on several private and public boards including Chairman of SACOS Insurance Company.

Mr. Willy Confait

Mr. Willy Confait has had a long and distinguished career in the Public Service Sector in Seychelles since 1965. Throughout his career, Mr. Confait held a number of senior management positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Licensing Authority, Chief Executive Officer and then Advisor, Seychelles Pension Fund. Mr. Confait has also served on a number of Private and Public Boards. He is very well versatile and knowledgeable in public service management and reform and pension management and reform.

Mrs. Simone De Commarmond

Ms. Simone de Comarmond has had a long and distinguished career in the Public Service serving as Head of the Public Service, Secretary to the Cabinet, and with a total of 14 years as a Cabinet Minister. She has served on various Boards locally, regionally and internationally. Ms. de Comarmond is currently serving as Chairperson of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), an African Organisation of which she was a founding member in 1992.

Mr. Walter Confait

Mr. Wallter F. Confait is a hotelier by profession, and served as Managing Director of Seychelles Hotels for many years.

He is a graduate of Middlesex University, United Kingdom and the International Labour Organisation of Turin, Italy. He has served as a Board member on several parastatal and private companies. He served for 15 years in the National Assembly of Seychelles as the elected Member for Anse Aux Pins. He currently works at the Italian Consulate in Seychelles.

Mrs. Annette George

Mrs. Annette Georges is a lawyer by profession. She was called to the Bar in 1981 and has practiced at both the Official and Private Bar in Seychelles. Mrs. Georges was instrumental in drafting the CAA Rules which lay the foundation for clear processes and guidelines to be followed in respect of complaints lodged against constitutional appointees and the criteria used when recommending candidates for appointment under both the Constitution and other Laws.