Appointment of Board of the Planning Authority

The President’s Office has announced the appointment of the new Board of the Planning Authority and the new Physical Planning Appeals Boards

This is in accordance with the new Physical Planning Act, 2021 that has replaced the Town and Country Planning Act.

The Chairperson of the Board of the Planning Authority is Mr Cyril Bonnelame.

The other Board Members are:

Mr Patrick Lablache                             

Mrs Nanette Laure                               

Dr Jude Gedeon                                    

Mr Patrick Andre                                                 

Mr Wilson Nancy                                  

Mr Steve Mussard                                

Mr Barry Assary                                      

Ms Angela Servina, the Chief Executive Officer is an ex-officio Member

Appeals Board

The Chairperson of the Physical Planning Appeals Board is Mr Patrick Nanty

The other Appeal Board Members are:

Ms Rightny Amade                                   

Mr Ashley Pothin                                      

The Members of both Boards have been appointed for a 3-year period effective from 15th April, 2022.