New Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon appointed

President Wavel Ramkalawan formally presented members of the new Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon with their instruments of appointment during a ceremony held at State House this morning.

The new members of the Advisory committee includes the Chairperson, Mr Jude Fred and three members, Mrs Lucy Athanasius, Mrs Beryl Dodin and Ms Chetina Saunders. President Ramkalawan has appointed the Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon (Article 60) from candidates proposed by the Constitutional Appointments Authority as prescribed under Article 61 of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles.

Its functions are to advise the President on the release of prisoners, on reducing the duration, severity or other conditions of sentences imposed upon prisoners.

The appointment of the members of the Advisory committee on the Power of Pardon, is for a period of seven years commencing on the 15th December, 2021

Addressing the audience, during the ceremony the President congratulated and wished the members courage and wisdom in the enormous task ahead of them. He urged them to be proactive, to seek guidance and to above all be thorough and fair in all their decisions.

“Despite the enormity of the task that lies ahead I am confident that you will do the work to the best of your abilities and in the interest of the country and our fellow Seychellois brothers and sisters. As a new committee, now is the time to review and propose fresh procedures of how we can improve the existing systems we have in place. I pledge my full support and that of government in ensuring the continuous dialogue and partnership” said President Ramkalawan.

The President also thanked the CAA for their continuous hard work as well as for the comprehensive reports and recommendations submitted, indicating the effort and high standards of service being adhered to in the discharge of their roles.

Not present at today’s ceremony was Mr Raymond Louise who is already serving a 7-year mandate as a Member of the Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon. He was appointed on the 27 November 2017.

Present for the ceremony at State House this morning was Vice-President, Mr Ahmed Afif, Secretary of State Cabinet Affairs, Mr Mohammed Afif and Members of the Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA), Mr Michel Felix, Mrs Marie-Nella Azemia, Mrs Simone de Comarmond, Mrs Annette Georges and Mr Willy Confait.